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Mixtape help

So I'm making a mixtape for someone that I love.
and he has no idea at all. I'm going to give it to him this summer. He recently moved away from home (from Canada to the US) and will be doing loads of traveling over the summer [he's a pro athlete and is going half-way around the world] and won't get to see his family or friends.
So I'm making him a cd that is kind of driving related [there's this whole inside joke about cars that I won't get into].
But I make things by "vibe" if that makes sense. And I'm really specific about how I want this tape to feel. Here's how I explained it to a friend earlier:

It's like when you've been driving all day and the sun is starting to go down. You've laughed and talked and danced but now everyone is just quiet and enjoying life. It's mild but not quiet; somber but not sad. It's a silence between friends that is so comfortable that you could curl up in it and sleep forever. But it only lasts as long as the sky is pink and just like that, the moment is over. But you lived it. And in that moment, you felt infinate.

here's what i have thus far [in no order]

Ryan Gosling - put me in the car
Tony Lucca - happily ever after
Brand New - soco amaretto lime
Oasis - wonderwall/don't go away [i'm not sure which]
Keane - a day like today
Justin Timberlake - let's take a ride
John Mayer - message in a bottle
The Beatles - baby you can drive my car
Death Cab for Cutie - passenger seat

i also want to include something by Bright Eyes & the Barenaked Ladies. I just haven't figured out which songs yet. I was also thinking a short zen-like, possibly instrumental song. Maybe Mum, Sigur Ros or DJ Shadow.

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